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Specimen A

As society advances, our senses become less and less reliable as tools for discerning truth in our surroundings. A piece of fruit that appears wholesome and natural was most likely genetically altered to be larger or have a thinner skin. A piece of furniture which gives the impression of being hand-crafted and unique may have in fact been mass-produced in a factory.

“Specimen A” is a commentary on industry’s attempt to mask the true nature of products via external appearance. At first glance these cocoon-like structures appear organic, yet they are created from entirely man-made components such as thread, lace, handmade paper, burlap, and other fabric. Mechanical cogs and gears are visible as well, tearing through the outer shell to reveal the structures’ suggested identities as disguised machines. The uselessness of these creations, suspended indefinitely within a frame, highlights the perfunctory nature of so many manufactured objects in modern society.

via behance.net

Tom O’Keefe of My Card, My Work tweeted this little deal up from Behance … amazing work by teegan white that appears to be a completely organic + nonsensical contraption … sculptural installation that reminds one of semi-purposeless marionettes … amazing texture … but hidden just below the surface, tucked away, are these low-fi aspects of machinery …

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