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i just saw this amazing Facebook Note posted by my good friend John Biebel … Salem ‘Witches’ … here is his original note and a very cyberSurreally crafted response … see what you think …

John posted: Salem ‘Witches’ on October 12 at 7:16am

OK, maybe someone can help me out here… for all those people fascinated by the famous Salem Witches of the 17th century, what’s your opinion – were they witches?

It gets confusing since there are so many practicing witches active today in Salem. Do these modern witches stand by the Salem witches and say ‘yes, they were witches and we support them’? It kinda doesn’t make sense since the whole controversy is that they were wrongfully accused and therefore innocent victims of a rush to judgement. It is MORE likely that these women WEREN’T witches, and just scapegoats for an over-zealous puritan community.

So… why do modern witches flock to this place, then? It would seem to be a relic that represents the evils and sins of man’s cruelty to itself…

One would have to gather, then, that those who believe there is special power in Salem DO believe that the 17th century witches WERE in fact actual witches, and that their sickness, convulsions and visions (aparently Satanic) were legitimate and to be emulated and applauded… but wait: is this the kind of witchery that they’re supporting? In order to believe that these women were witches but MISUNDERSTOOD witches, well, that’s asking us to believe HALF of the history of Salem, and toss the other half out (i.e., yes they were witches BUT they were not EVIL witches, as the assorted townsfolk said they were…)

Wait – this doesn’t make sense, especially for those witches now who practice ‘storefront’ witchery of White Magic, and who are trying desperately to legitimize Magic as authentic.

Can someone explain this inherent contradiction?
Or is it simply that Salem is a nice historic old New England town where people like to hang out and buy love potion candles?


… and then on October 13 at 5:07 am I posted …

I think the answer actually has something to do with the neighboring township of Danvers ( or as I say it, somewhat jokingly and somewhat w/ seriour New Englandesian cant … Danviz ) … Danvers was originally part of Salem and broke off following the horribly bad kamric energetics following the Salem Witch Trials ( or at least this is how I am recalling how the story goes ) … the strangest part of all of this is that Danvers ( and Peabody … aka Peeb’dy ) legend has it such that early Wiccans that fled from Great Britain to The New Land were actually Satanistically blessed by frequent meetings with The Greys … oftentimes, real practicing ‘witches’ would wander off into the thick wooded patches of the now-Danvers-area forestScape and meet with The Greys and discuss potential peaceful union ( and sometimes have intergalactic bacchanalian festivals out in nature ) of the human race with these pristine and oft misunderstood otherBeings … husbands, boyfriends and other curious ( and lustful ) men that lurked a bit along the periphery were so wrought with jealousy that they eventually brought the news of these bizarre events back to the Salem PD and there began the party raids and eventual arrests of numerous Wiccan women in the area, thus starting a wave of suspicious jailings and trials that came to be known as The Salem Witch Trials

horrible stuff

the potential promise for intergalactic union and peace was still thick in the air during the torturous questionings and imprisonment of a fairly innocent bunch of women ( and men, although the marketing of The SWTs tends to leave the male element out … I get concerned, as a man, to think our society is so terribly frightened by the penis … so much so as to only have it visually portrayed { or represented } in underground cinematographic film circuits of pornography … why is it we can see breast and ass, but never { or rarely } a prick? And then why, I need to know, is it only depicted { or depricked dead } in its flaccid and sad hangning state and never in its vanglorious ‘awake and ready’ mode of play? hmmmm? hmmmmmmMmmMMmM? ) that came to be known as The Salem Witch Trials

and the women never uttered a word of their provocative interracial relations in the woods … why would that be, one might ask? well, perhaps for the very same reason the government hides some of the debris from September 11 ( for further forensic investigation and study ) in hangers and other large mysterious warehouses like the ones found out off of 495 in Littleton … do a little investigative reporting … they won’t let you know what’s in there … they won’t even entertain the notion of being somewhat ‘matter of fact’ about what is being covered up there, how they can manipulate and hide the truth behind such an event … very mysterious

well, at a certain point the ones that were capable of keeping the deeper secrets of these orgies were rewarded by some of the upper crust of Danvers … they were given quaint shoppes and told how to help market the event in a more positive light ( as if early New England’s pre-echo of waterboarding and other torturous ‘freedom preservation’ activities could ever truly be spun w/ threads of positive gold ) … how to turn the horrible, horrible burnings, drownings and mutilation of those 13 teenage women into something more sublimely menstrual and fun … nothing, mind you, to celebrate the wonderful ‘Big O’ activity that really went down in the furtive forests of ‘Salem’ as we know it today … that would perhaps anthropromorphize The Greys a bit too much for our liking ( they are always depicted as these tall and rather cold somewhat sterile heady beings … great mystics from the sky … their visits here showing influence in some of the local nomenclaature … Mystic River Parkway … Ayer … Mass MoCA … iHOP … and perhaps the most famous, Pizza Hut ( this is more of a visualization … the roof and major logo brand depicting the now overGeneralized shape of their craft ) ) yes, we like to depict ‘them’ as being emotionless and remote ala The Vulcans from the original Star Trek television series … the aliens are awkward, strange ‘others’ that are ‘out there’ among us

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