i made a decision this morning — and you can tell i’ve been moving in this direction now for quite some time if you’ve been following this blog in any way, right?

its no longer a big mystery

i want to change the world

and i’m a designer by profession — its what i’ve been doing now for over 20 years and i’ve made a nice and bumpy but decent career out of it — its what i do to make money and help my family survive in this complicated and quite chaotic, modernday world

many people — everyday people — pretty much scrounge and scrap their lives together on a week-by-week, paycheck to paycheck basis, which is distracting to those of us that really want to thrive and live up to our full potentials to make a more meaningful contribution to the world that truly creates impact, innovation and change

i’d like to leave the world in a far better place than it feels it is today

we’ve made a lot of amazing progress as a civilizations — but as we all know, thanks pretty much to H2’s amazing educational television programming, Ancient Astronaut Theory suggests that: civilizations come and go; empires rise and fall; nations and peoples grow and thrive and create new and interesting developments for our humanity and then, as the pattern would have it, they just disappear

as individuals, we really have very little control over many aspects of our lives — and it can be a little overwhelming and frustrating to think of how much of our lives, as individuals, is governed and regulated by our currently-established systems

these systems, for the most part, from an individual’s perspective { at least from my perspective }, are typically dysfunctional, to put it politely { wink, wink }

in fact, these systems are now simply broken


you don’t need to think too hard about it, right? at least if you’re truly coming at it from your average citizen’s perspective

if our government supposedly represents an active and functional Democratic System that’s created and guided ‘By The People, For The People’ — then either the system itself is a vast illusion and we’ve all been constantly lied to by The Powers that Be or its completely failing us

Consumerism and Capitalism aside — the guiding principles and philosophical concepts behind our Democracy as its practiced today is a total failure for the majority of The People living under its governance

please, someboady … correct me if i’m wrong

show me the data

i am not personally an expert in Big Data analysis or statistics, but i understand our current culture of Science and Information Worship seems to trust and drive a lot of very key decisions by the metrics that are so conveniently 2 or 3 levels removed from any sense of responsibility to The People that these oftentimes quantifiable data derive from

anyhow — i want to actually use my expertise to do more than simply make a living

and i don’t have a lot of free time on hand — most people don’t

but, with the free time that comes up in my life, i am now planning on devoting some positive design energies and activities to making effective change in the dynamics at play between The Systems and The People of this nation { and then eventually, The World }

these are big, bold aspirations, i know

but i believe in pursuing The Impossible

if you don’t aim toward The Big Blue Sky or The MoonShot { as GoogleX refers to that extraStratospheric thinking that might lead to bigger and better Design Thinking } you’ll probably never take the proper risks and efforts involved in real innovation

one system i haven’t yet mentioned in this blogPost is a rather interesting one that’s based totally outside the realms of physical reality and any sense of real accountability to The Government, The People, The World and Our Overall Humanity

and this is our Corporate Systems

as far as i can tell, at least from my more qualitative assessment of our current situation of dysfunctional energies in the world, international corporatization — or what some might refer to as our movement toward Globalism — behaves at the devolved, reptilian level of The Animal Kingdom

and in many ways, our corporations currently run the entire world

our government takes second seat at The Economic Theatre — and unfortunately, The People of The World typically sit in the nosebleeds

the financial dynamics of a predominantly Capitalistic Consumerism merely disguised as a supposed Democracy allows for this sort of Lord of The Flies society completely run wild

its an entirely new case of The Lunatics running The Asylum

so, how can we change this? what real power do we have as average taxpaying citizens in the world we live in today? do we write our Senator? does voting actually help the real cause of leading the world to a safer and more responsible, reasonable place for at least 80% of The People?

i don’t think so

not anymore

and i believe we can no longer afford to simply sit at home as armchair citizens that simply watch The Show and complain from the sidelines about all the wrong moves we’re currently making as a world organism — unless we roll up our sleeves and start really getting our hands dirty through real, active participation, none of this will every change for the better

and because i am a designer, i am going to participate through my Designwork

i want to empower The People again — and i want the dynamics to switch, flip and change to something that makes a lot better sense as a process to leadership

human-centered design processes based in both quantitative and qualitative research, iterative design work, and innovation through collaboration are the only way we can start pushing toward a better tomorrow that actually speaks to the promise of what our technohumanic progress was supposed to be to begin with

we had big dreams — a vision for the future and what technological advancement would mean to the future of our social humanity — but somewhere along the way we forgot to actually Design that vision to function for the benefit of real people

our economics work to financially and functionally benefit Big Government and Big Corporations

the bigger the better, right?

but what about The People

don’t we deserve better than this? well, i hate to break it to you, but

we only deserve better if we work for it

and what better way to work for a better tomorrow than by contributing your individual expertise to the cause?

i am going to Design for a Better Tomorrow

it might not be the way i’ll make my bi-weekly paycheck { although i also aim for my day designwork to benefit the majority of the people my designs aim to serve }, but it will be the way my Bigger Design Thinking will be leveraged to help with The Big Picture to hopefully get it closer and closer to Bluer Skies for The People of The World

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