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re:Birth of the subConch


as i slowly begin writing again recently — with my reawaking, too, to research mysterious areas of our modern social lives that quite naturally pique my curiosity — i realize i am attempting to build better awareness around these investigations while simultaneously delving back into my own subConscous self

walk on the beach with me

we’ll pretend its warm outside, but the water still freezes our feet as it rushes around our toes with foamy salutation and then flows back with a sizzle across the sand and back out to sea

which one of these, which subConch is mine? i can’t remember, i’m not sure it matters — in some ways, i feel, we seem to share the same semi-connected dreams through these strangely delightful containers

i found one

i like to look inside, inside the opening — it shines with a salty smoothness, this miraculous chamber, this subConch

how long did it take for the ocean to create the cold whites and pinks, the ridges and curling porcelain interior

its strange, but these shells remain clear inside, there never seems to be any ocean water remains to slosh around — never any small pebbles, no sand or seaweed

where can this seashell take me? where do i belong?


{ over } extended-body


The desire to locate the self simply within a particular biological body is no longer meaningful. What it means to be human is being constantly redefined. For me, this is not a dilemma at all.

Excerpt, Stelarc discussing the redefinition of what it is to be human from Extended-Body: Interview with Stelarc