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reflections on September 11

Bill Nigh recently asked the LinkedIn Community to contribute what he calls ‘a defiantly postive statement’ as a reflection on the events of Septermber 11, 2001. On his website Positive News and Views — Bill nicely collects beautiful, amazing perspective from contributing visitors to help ‘remind us that we are not powerless’.

Here is my personal response as posted to LinkedIn and to Bill’s website:

I think we were all left a little bit lost after the events of September 11. Especially for that short time before the unfortunate and inevitable decision for the US to declare perhaps the strangest war concept ever, that of ‘Freedom vs Terrorism’. The more important aspect — the part of history I believe we should all focus on — that intense need we all felt to seek out our loved ones, to find out if those nearest were safe and find out what they might’ve heard, how they were taking the news, and if they knew anyone directly affected. If there was really anything we could do.

Let’s admit it … we all felt pretty helpless and scared. And the world, the entire world watched and empathized. Some nations understood the sheer horror we experienced on that day from similar constant terror meshed into their daily experience on their own native soil. And their hearts went out to us. They might’ve even had a new-found, deeper connection with the people of our great nation than ever before. These were innocent people that were targeted and killed. And for what? To lure us over, to embroil us in these century-long inhumane and continual conflicts?

I hope that — in some strange twist of awakening that might have been instilled throughout the world — I hope that somehow we all appreciate and watch over each other with a bit more cognizance of the fragility of human life. With a heightened sense of world consciousness — an interconnectedness — interdependence. That we call and catch up with family, friends, colleagues … and that we make new family, friends and colleagues … with a slightly firmer grip and perhaps a deeper appreciation for those moments we are lucky enough to share together.