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end of summer update

so, yeah … heh heh heh … summer’s wrappin’ up quick now, aint’ it ;]

here’s what went down + what we learn from it alL

july 3 | my birthday … i turned 40 this year

july 6 | Monster let me go

july 6 | my first game a golf ever … seriously

july 7 | i start networking like a mnthafncka

july 14 | some amazing friends from Monster give me a send-off party

july 27 | we golf again … my second time golfing ever … no really!

july 30 | Carol, Lexi, Maceo + i go to Storyland for the day

july 30 | Strange voicemail from a good friend

july 31 | Jelly@Betahouse

july 31 | Return call to a good friend | Send a thread with some words of encouragement and inspiration to the old team

july 31 | Call my friend to make sure everything is now resolved, and you know what? It is! My words of advice, encouragement and inspiration in response seem to really stop the nonsense … Cool

august 3 | I start up work at a brand new company called Dimdim

august 19 | Boston Harbor Odyssey Cruise with Dimdim … such a friendly new culture, and a great way for my family to meet the team and the larger family at Dimdim

august 19 | i get an interesting email from a ‘famous’ brand with a document to read, but don’t even know it yet

august 20 | i see the email and read the attached PDF document

august 20 | i begin to ask friends, colleagues, enemies + strangers for advice about this interesting correspondence and the attached document

august 20 | i make a decision that i think is truly smart, unique + innovative … truly ‘lou suSi’ … good to be back on my game now, ain’t it?

august 20 | start to brainstorm on concepts for my new webinar series

august 20 | i ponder whether this entire episode could become part of my graduate thesis research + writing for my MFA … hmmmMMmmMMmmm? yeah, it could

august 21 | i continue to ask people for advice about this horrible situation … not so sure who it is more horrible for though, ya know?

august 22 | still need to get as much advice as possible

august 23 | more advice please, thanks

august 24 | just a little more advice, thanks … and now …

august 24 | i write + send a 6 page letter of response with an attached thread of correspondence that seemed to cause some dismay earlier on in this very vague chronology of retardedness

august 24 | i call the company to get confirmation that my letter, my requested response was received

august 24 | The company gets back to me, round 2 … done!

So, 1 thing I learned … don’t worry about this stuff. Crazy distractions in life happen all the time. And its not your fault, not due to your relative ‘goodness’ or ‘badness’ in the world

Another thing … collect artifacts. Yep! Take screenshots of every interaction, collect all documentation, build your story ( while some are building a case, others start to have an interesting story to tell, right? ) … its fun, easy and free! So, why not take advantage of living each moment in life as it happens?

And another thing … use the potentially annoying events that come your way as a means to be more creative and expressive. This is inspiring activity. You learn more + more about the world and the ‘famous’ brands we choose to use or not use. If you are asked to do something, by all means try to accomodate that request. Its the decent thing to do. But remember, try to push it a bit further. Be extra accomodating. Give them all they hoped and wished for … but give ’em that extra mile, the whole ten yards, really give it them!

And 1 last note my friend and frenemies … have fun! Just be playful. You only live once. Sure, the human lifespan is now at least 3 times as long as it would be without chemicals, tools, weapons and ‘civilized’ society as we know it ( not sure we love it though, right? BC would have asked us all, ‘Define civilized’ ). We’re lucky. We’re alive. We win! And we have fun doing it! THAT’s what I’m fnckin’ talking about!

Do it for love

Do it for fun

Do it for what you know in your heart, mind, body and soul is the right thing to do

And remember, a little karma goes a long way … send some karma t’day ;]

anger management

i could very easily fall into a deep depression right now


i have learned that if i channel my anger correctly that it will NOT point inward and will NOT effect me in the same way, and therefore i will NOT become depressed


that’s what i’ll do, right?

channel my anger

and what’s the bestest way to do that?


to take my anger and point it right back at the source of the anger


enough said







that feels better already

always good to have a gameplan



Social Media Breakfast 15 | CommuniSpace | Watertown MA

Here we go … just a few of the many photos I took while at the SMB15 with Bryan Person, Rachel Happe and Diane Hessan all talking about ‘The Power and Peril of Online Communities’