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xDx and some notes on posterous


hey hi ho there UX fanz and frenemiez — how goes it? what’s the latest?

well, as someone that believes in moving in and out of my own personal subconscious ADHD-laden internal thoughtSpaces, i firstly and most importantly want to quickly blog on this coolish idea i just came up with that i think will really be exciting to explore, and that’s that thar xDx thing you see in the logoPlay up above

the idea is pretty straightforward and goes something a little like this

so, i’m not entirely sure why or anything, but for whatever unbeknownst reason and such, when it comes to corporate work in general most of us are kept tied up in our little silos an’ such, right? the big division that i perceive over the years is any instance where art and science come up — there’s always been this schism, this division between where we keep our ‘creative’ people and where the more ‘logical’ folks set up shop

i don’t know, can’t understand the reason why, but — its just my own observation that whether its design and dev, or art and science, or engineering and interior design, companies far and wide keep these internal groups locked up in different pens

anyhow, in a recent thang that my good friend and colleague Robert Fiztgibbon and I set up and ran through AIGA Boston, a cool event called UX Roundtable — we brought together a nice cross-section of Boston-area design professionals to discuss Luke Wroblewski’s Mobile First methodology and why it might or might not work as universally as one might need as a modernday designer working with real clients in a professional scenario — we invited folks through AIGA Boston, but also extended the invitation to any and everyone at the company Rob and I work for, Mobiquity, as they graciously sponsored the event and let us meet in a Mob Conference Room and all — anyhow, we had some folks from our development and sales departments in attendance and i have to say, their presence and participation added an entirely new depth and color to the conversational mix and, as designers often solving everything from the very narrow vantage of what we, as designers, do, i felt the cross-disciplinary exchange in the room really helped fill out some parts of the picture that typically get left blank during discourse around design, business and process improvement

and — i would like to encourage, foster and arrange for MORE of these cross-disciplinary conversational exchanges — in the Boston-area and beyond

and that’s where i hope xDx can begin to organize that larger conversation

there’s that

and now, just a side note kinda

i’m moving my posterous acount, piece by piece, over to this WordPress blog under my dot com website

unfortunately, it seems posterous is going away — Twitter bought them a while back and some major change felt a bit inevitable — whenever we see this sort of purchase happen online, you can’t help but wonder something like, ‘aight, what’s that mean then?’ — on some realistic scale of things to come we all know it won’t all just stay the same — but i’ve loved using posterous up until recently, i think i specifically loved the simplicity and elegance of the presentation of my blogposts, and although i’m not sure if that’s something to credit to the posterous experience alone, that’s a HUGE thing for me — the fact that there’s been no advertisements on posterous ever seems somewhat amazing and Surreal to me, but besides that, i’ve almost solely posted to posterous for my personal bloggings over the last few years, with the exception of some experiments with tumblr and posting to half dozen other WordPress sites ‘n all

i do have to say this about posterous though — i just can’t understand for the life of me why posterous never seemed to implement an auto-save feature for those in the middle of writing a blogpost, ya know? there have been 2 times when i’ve lost a TON of amazing writing due to this lack of foresight and understanding for the general writing public — and those 2 times were like the fish that got away kinda moments for me, just really nicely evolved writing that i felt would be valuable and honest and real all POOF! gone in a bit of an instant thanks to the schmucks at posterous

so this is goodbye and thank you and good riddance



its a laughShowdown @ 20 paces


‘at’s right pardnerz, Laugh Foundation takes these laughing matters quite seriously. In these days of the ever-descending wild, wild west — as Arab Springs rise and flail, as capitalist economies continue to rupture and crumbleLaugh Foundation challenges you to challenge us to a full out laughShowdown at high noon!

Let’s do it spaghetti western-style, aight? You tweet us up a nice lil’ laughShowdown challenge and we’ll meet up in the street and settle these matters mano a mano, know what I’m sayin’ lil’ cowgirlz ‘n’ ‘boyz? It’s a shoot ’em up public nightmare laughfest to show who’s gonna hit ’em up with the ha has until there’s only one dusty laughstr left standin’. So, whaddaya say, eh?

don’t fergit to check out Laugh Foundation out here on the webz while you’re @ it, aight?