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lou suSi: secrets revealed!

46085591-Outloud_lousuSi_nov2012Promo1after lots of preparation + hard setup work on the old MacBook Pro — including several really tumultuous + concentrated moments of utter frustration, technical difficulty + failure — i rather successfully beat all technological odds stacked against me on Wednesday, November 28th + presented my ‘cyberSurreal episode 16 — deletedStreams’ iterative presentation number 1 to the nurturing + gracious community of my colleagues at Outloud Open Mike at The Beebe Estate in Melrose — long story short, starting with the secret sauce base presentation remains from my MFA thesis from Dynamic Media Institute at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, i put together a peformance art rendition of my critical analysis and concerns from the last 3 years of my intense research in design and technology + presented some of the main concepts, projects, research + findings through humorous storytelling, small songish interludes and smatterings of poesiac interjection — and, from my personal yet somewhat humble + semi-removed assessment of the overall evening, i feel the material was well-received + enjoyed by an ecclectic audience filled with talented musicians, orators, poets, writers, storytellers, philosophers + other near + dear mostly liberal compatriots that enjoy a slightly bent + silly view into the subconscious meanderings of the world’s last honest man barely standing

my interestingly entertaining, embedded distraction du jour for the evening revolved around a rather crazy band concept i came up with a couple of years ago — i wanted to put together { let me know if you’re interested, cuz this one could be fun } a band called The David Schwimmer Band as a sort of Bare Naked Ladies concept band that used a swindling, scammish band name convention to potentially lure unsuspecting fans of this famous television + hollywood heartthrob originally known for portraying the loveable but slightly goofy ‘Ross’ from the 90s situation comedy ‘Friends,’ more recently portraying the giraffe from the ‘Madagascar’ animated big screen film series — anyhow, the idea behind the band goes something like this — The David Schwimmer Band travels the states on their first ever national tour, there’s lots of critical acclaim, tv + radio promotional spots for various stops in key cities across the land, and tons of interviews on OWN, The View, Ellen, The Jimmy Fallon Show, E! and all the hawtest shows ‘out there,’ right? But, whenever The David Schwimmer Band actually graces the stage, they need to announce that, unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstance, David Schwimmer will not be able to appear tonight — he, of course, would send his best, maybe even sending along a short video to let the audience know just how much he really wanted to be there and let everyone know, though, that the show will still go on without him — at that point the band would start to play The Barney Miller Theme Song + introduce each player on the stage with horn hits, shuffles and all sorts of little ‘shucks + jive’ — the band would then go on to play an entire 4 hour set of television theme songs from classic shows like Barretta, Kojak, Gilligan’s Island, Bewitched, Night Court, Cheers, and the list goes on. And so, in tribute to this amazing + geniusly riduclous idea, I interspersed my own a capella renditions of some of my favorite, classic television themeshow songs, including: Alice; Land of the Lost; and 8 is Enough — my devious plan ( that actually fell through for this performance-presentation-event ) was to also present my rather infamous ‘Butterface Remix’ of The Monkees classic song ‘I’m a Believer’ including rude references to various female attributes that ‘then I saw’ at various key points throughout the chorus segments of the composition, but alas, I only got through about three-quarters of the entire presentation

46085937-otherSide1following the main setup thematics behind The David Schwimmer Band interludes, i presented streams 1 and 2 from my thesis ‘confounded — future fetish design performance for human advocacy’ as well as the first part of stream 5, one of the many ‘deletedStreams’ i propose to re-open my investigations for further research, writing and reflection — i first reported back on my intervention-like persona-based design performance testing of certain ‘found systems’ in the world for stream 1 — i then discussed my findings from the ‘deletedStream’ i call ‘the other side of 7’ in a short photo-essay format, strange observations captured at a North Shore cemetery, otherworldly + frightening perceptions of the lines and lines of tiny flags marking each soldier’s grave in a green, green September autumnal grassy gravesite lawn — i never got to elaborate on stream 8, a ‘deletedStream’ i originally planned to present after the object-oriented performance work included in stream 2stream 8 continued from 5 to explore some internal subconscia broiling the worrisome sentiments gathered at the site of the soldiers’ graves

i have so much more to examine, to question + wonder about, i just hope i can muster the focus to seriously scour my notebooks + photodocumentation to understand some of the more analog, truly multisensorial work i produced while in that pre-thesis phase of internal self-excavation — i still want to better understand what i might find inside, just a little deeper in — i think it might be simultaneously gentle + ferocious in there at that level — pure, yet full of blood + puss, mucus + semen

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one cozy minute of isolation

By lou suSi March 4th, 2009

a crisp, saturday evening in autumntime

down in the fort point area of Boston, the mobius annual artrages fundraiser party takes over an entire floor of commercial space to create an atmosphere of surreal, unbound creativity — the crowd warms the space — the rawness of the space goes unnoticed as people walk through and enjoy the art installations, participatory music and performance art, roving performances, and the company of so many amazing, creative people — lights and sound cascade and echo across the hardwood floors — there is a sense of celebration, uncanny premeditation and a joy for the subconscious enjoyment of this ocean of possibility

the night sings of timelessness — suspension of clocks and watches — a quarternote of one moment

i am waiting in line — the half hour passes fairly quickly as i talk with the waiting people — there is an installation up ahead — conversation in the line compresses time even further — there are people to watch, performances to figure out and discuss, distractions and thoughts pouring in like sunlight

as i get closer i see a man in a dark suit — very much a sombre sight — serious and cleancut — either a bit of business is being conducted or there may be a funeral, i can’t quite figure it out — but he is opening and closing a wooden door { the door to the installation } — letting people in and out, one by one — he is pleasant enough, but tall and calm in demeanor

every once in a while there is another person — shorter, wider — dressed in overalls and a thermal shirt, workboots and a red and black plaid hunting hat — he seems to have tools and occasionally goes into the wooden space between the flow of the line — he’s a bit nervous, but all smiles —  almost a living contradiction to the suit

as i get closer i can see that the wooden door opens into an outhouse construction labeled with a large ‘#1’  above the door — the man in the suit talks to each person at the head of the line — he literally helps each person in and out of the installation — i can see each person being pulled up and out from behind the door — everyone that emerges from the installation seems happy, pleasant, a bit relaxed

i look at the artrages map — apparently the piece is called ‘claustrophillick enclosure #1’ — i am almost at the front of the line — people are wondering what’s inside

i finally get to the front of the line and the man in the suit welcomes me — he explains that one person is allowed in the space for exactly one minute — he warns that the space is tight and if i have any fear or phobia of being alone, enclosed in a tight space, then i may want to reconsider experiencing the enclosure

he opens the door, reaches in and helps a young woman get up and out of the space — the interior of the outhouse is lined with a pink, floral cushioning material — the woman stands up, readjusts to the light of the mainspace and moves to re-gather with friends at the party — the man then helps me curl up inside the womblike fabric of the inner space — as he closes the door i am completely alone, surrounded by darkness — it is warm — the scent is that of flowers, perhaps the previous visitor to the enclosure

since i am enveloped in pitch black — my attention is drawn immediately to a subtle soundtrack — no real music, or at least no instrumentation — just many sounds, a soundscape — water dripping — passing traffic — a jet flies by — little girls singing together — songs from a playground — hopscotch or jumprope comes to mind — a muffled heartbeat becomes the most overwhelming sound in the mix

the space is warm and soft — very accommodating

my eyes begin to grow accustomed to the dark — i see what looks like someone moving, directly in front of me — just the silhouette — a little scary — i am looking into a mirror — a mirror on a medicine cabinet that is clearly marked ‘PRIVATE’ — an image of an angel dangles from the edge of the cabinet — i am facing my reflection in the mirror of the medicine cabinet — i notice a sign that says ‘Open Me’ — i open the door to the cabinet and can see restroom signs, the symbols for ‘Men’ and ‘Women’ — between them is a small jar with a magazine clipping — the image of child inside the jar — just the child’s face — there is also another clipping that says ‘True Love’ — and then i notice a sign that says ‘Close Me’ { very reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland | Through the Looking Glass } — i close the medicine cabinet and quite suddenly the door opens up — the man in the suit asks me how i am doing, let’s me know my minute in the claustrophillick enclosure is up, and reaches down to help me exit the outhouse — my eyes hurt a bit as they begin to readjust to the light

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